Your Support Can Help Us Continue


TakeCHARGE events and programs will be shared when using the        5 Steps and the TakeCHARGE logo 

Start a TakeCharge Team to support the campaign & spread the word!

Be sure to let us know what you are doing!

​If you want help in developing a presentation or press release, contact or call (516) 579-4711


         Healthcare professionals:               

  • Print the TakeCHARGE information for your office for patients and staff (many people who work in health care are not prepared to be patients)
  • Share information with your patients and their families 
  • Share the 5 Steps and spread the word - through social media, a press release,presentations or word-of-mouth - that you want your patients to TakeCHARGE

          ​Business owners and CEOs:

  • Pass out TakeCHARGE Campaign information 
  • Invite speakers to speak to your staff each month on the topic of the month
  • Remember: better-prepared employees and family members mean less lost work time and improved performance!

​       ​ Community members:​

  • Become a TakeCHARGE Ambassador and share our information 
  • Create community presentations using the tool kit 
  • Shoot videos of your friends and neighbors talking about TakeCHARGE. What did they do, why did they do it?
  • Share on social media, develop fun information such as memes; look for articles about each of the 5 Steps and share them!

Have you become a partner by simply sharing the TakeCHARGE message?

If so, tell us about it!