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TakeCHARGE 5 Steps Presentation

A TakeCHARGE presentation lasts approximately

one hour: 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes

for questions and sharing of experiences that have been

helpful to participants. It covers the TakeCHARGE Campaign’s

“5 Steps to Safer Health Care”.  The TakeCHARGE

presentation explains why, and how you, a family

member or anyone you may be supporting can

complete each step while preparing to become a patient. 

All presentations are presently virtual.

Sponsors are entitled to a presentation at an agreed upon date and time                           

and may include employees, business associates, community, friends and / or family. 

TakeCHARGE Ambassadors

The TakeCHARGE Ambassador training takes approximately four hours and provides more in-depth information on the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care.  Ambassador Training also includes hours of learning communication skills, and practice in working with individuals or groups to assist in the 5 Steps.  Ambassadors are also encouraged to become public speakers to share this TakeCHARGE knowledge with others. TakeCHARGE Ambassadors will receive a certificate of completion recognizing their commitment.  There may be a small fee for Ambassador training.  Learn more here

To host either program contact or call 516.579.4711
Presently these programs are offered by Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy.