Partners in Your Community
​A Listening Ear LLC​

Stone Mountain, GA

Contact: Cathy Bond


Care Answered

Freeport, NY


East End Doula Care
Holtsville, NY
Contact: Susan Capurso


Healthmatch Advocacy
Casa Grande AZ 85194

Contact: Carolyn Bennett​


Healthwhiz Solutions
North Baldwin, New York
Contact: Ruthlyn Noel

Houston Health Advocacy
Houston, Texas

Contact: Bonnie Sheeren, BCPA



Bethesda, MD

The Joint Commission

Oakbrook Ill


Metis Advocacy
West Hills, CA  91304

Contact: Steven Corn

MSB Advocacy Services

Cedarhurst, NY

Contact: Marc S. Berlin

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New York State Wide Senior Action Council, Inc.

Albany, NY

Contact: Marcus Harazin, Coordinator Patient Advocates Program

Patient Advocacy Solutions LLC
Torrance, California


Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

Long Island, NY

Contact: Ilene Corina

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RXVIP Concierge

Westbury, NY


1. Complete your advance directives.  "Advance directives" is a general name for several kinds of documents you can sign to help ensure that your wishes about medical treatment are known and respected if you are unable to communicate for yourself.

Learn how here

2.  Keep track of your medical history and medications and bring this information with you to every medical appointment

Learn how here


3. Prepare a list of questions and symptoms before you visit your doctor or go for a procedure or to the hospital

Learn how here




4. Help stop the spread of infections. Ask caregivers to wash their hands before touching you

Learn how here

5. Choose an advocate and be an advocate for someone

Learn how here

“I have been keeping track of surgeries, medications, etc. but it never dawned on me to keep track of procedures like mammograms & colonoscopies.  They even asked me about it at the hospital this morning & I couldn't answer.”                                      A TakeCHARGE Volunteer 

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