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Helpful Toolkit

TakeCHARGE Campaign Talking Points

This information can be printed and distributed for use at programs and meetings.

Sample Press Release

If you decide to become a partner and share the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care, this press release can help reach more people.

Presentation Script

Would you like to do a presentation in your community about the TakeCHARGE Campaign?  Either on its own or as part of your regular program, the TakeCHARGE presentation is educationally appropriate for anyone who is age 18 or over. 

TakeCHARGE by Month

This list will help you follow each of the 5 Steps month by month.

Become a Partner

When you commit to being a partner, you are committing to sharing information and other partners will share yours.

Share What You are Doing

Tell us what you are doing and share your TakeCHARGE experiences!