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TakeCHARGE and "I" Patient are programs of                   Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

                      This is a free Zoom program to empower young people to                     become informed and involved in their healthcare experience

Planning Ahead to Become a Patient

                  All workshops may be followed up with additional support with workshop leaders                

According to The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ( time is often limited with healthcare professionals, patients and family members who have prioritized their questions or concerns will experience the most meaningful, efficient visits.

This 90-minute, interactive session covers information for ages 12 years old to 20 years old:

1. Understand & Complete Your Advance Directives (age appropriate)
2. Keep a Record of Your Medical History & Current Medications
3. Prepare for Doctor Visits / Make A List of Questions
4. Prevent Infections / Ask Caregivers to Wash Their Hands
5. Use an Advocate / Be an Advocate for Others

Become an “I” Patient: Involved and Informed

                                        with TakeCHARGE, 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare

  • Groups should be similar in age (12-14 years old / 15 -17 years old / 18-20 years old approx.)
  • Smaller groups no less than five people and the largest group should be no more than twenty participants
  • Registration will be required and participants will need to complete a short questionnaire
  • Participants will have an opportunity for additional training to become TakeCHARGE Ambassadors and                              teach others the 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare
  • All participants will receive a certificate of completion – Ambassadors will receive an additional certificate                                    and additional recognition (TBD)
  • Programs will all be through Zoom and program times are flexible. (for some groups)
  • Participants may invite guests appropriate for that group /session with prior approval from group leaders

Call today to schedule your session (516) 579-4711 or contact 

TakeCHARGE is a program of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy a nonprofit                                                    501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1996 to educate and advocate for patient safety.                             

Support for this program comes from donations from people like you!  Donations welcome!  GoFundMe


“I left the office with a sense of pride for standing my ground and using the tools I had learned as a college intern. But most importantly, I left with clarity about my situation.”                             Abby, TakeCHARGE Intern

Read more how TakeCHARGE helped Abby as a patient here

   To learn if you qualify, call 516.579.4711

  You too can host a program for young people
   ages 12-15 years, Saturday July 25th 4PM

   Registration requiredhere

   ages 16 - 18 years, Monday, July 27th 4PM 

   Registration required here

    All times are Eastern NY Time

    Information to enter will be sent 24 hours before the                program at which time registration will close.